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vítěz-Martin-Zika lit soutěžZvýšit literární dovednosti studentů a podpořit jejich schopnost písemného vyjadřování v anglickém jazyce bylo cílem již 8. ročníku literární soutěže pro mladé autory National Literary Award fot Young Writers.



Letos soutěžilo ve čtyřech věkových kategoriích: do 12 let, do 15 let, do 17 let a do 19 let celkem 250 autorů. Jejich úkolem bylo napsat v angličtině povídku na téma „Mirrors" (Zrcadla) o délce maximálně 1500 slov.


Porota v čele s básníkem a textařem Michalem Horáčkem vybrala 16 finalistů a určila jako absolutního vítěze Martina Ziku (17 let) z Tihavy u Hořovic (navítěz Martin Zika

snímku nahoře a vpravo, společně s porotci P.Bílkem a M. Horáčkem). Uveřejňujeme jeho vítěznou povídku „Lili" v anglickém originálu, český překlad P. Fantyse přinesou únorové Literární noviny, které byly hlavním mediálním partnerem.



Foto:  Předání ceny Literárních novin šéfredaktorem Petrem Bílkem

Šéfredaktor LtN Petr Bílek při předání ceny Literárních novin






The wind sighed noiselessly and yet the blades of grass bent in resignation. With no sign of life.
Lili was going home.
As she was slowly passing by the old electricity poles scattered in the fields, her eyes stayed fixed to the ground. Lili was shy.
Sun was away. The light was dim and the skies merged with the bleak fields, nevertheless, she knew she was being watched.
Lili was a curious girl. She shyly tilted her head to the side and looked up, so she could see who hides in the mists. There were mirrors in the fields. The path she was walking was surrounded by large frameless mirror panels, covered with dust. They looked as though they were growing up from the high grass. Like tall windows. Unpleasantly big windows, from which you can be watched.
And here she was – the beholder. A little girl in a white dress walking the fields, with black hair over the shoulders and head to the side, she was coyly watching Lili with one eye. Lili didn't like this other girl. She lived inside the mirrors and she kept watching Lili all the time.
And as the they were striding one beside the other, Lili saw them in the dusk. The Others.
Shapeless figures covered in a white cobweb head to toe were gently dangling from the poles right above the ground. They were sleeping placidly, unhampered by the outer world.
„Sad ones," Lili thought out loud. They all seemed to be utterly the same. She could not see anything but the webs covering their sleeping bodies. Only if she could look inside the cobweb... The little girl was sure they would be so happy, if they could play with her.
Lili was a curious girl.
Notwithstanding, she was being watched from the mirrors and she didn't dare to step any closer to the Other ones. She shied away their lifeless bodies and hoped the girl in the mirror to disappear. An abstract kind of fear had begun to creep into her mind.
Soon after, an electricity pole stood in Lili's way, in the middle of the path. A sudden sound cut the silence and a hail of luminous sparks bursted out of the power lines, dissolving above the stunned girl's head. Lili thought it was very beautiful. As she was looking up on the pylon, she decided to get to the very top to see what's behind the mirrors. Soon, she could see over all the sear treetops and all the Other ones were dangling deep beneath her feet. And finally, she looked behind the mirrors.
What a horrific sight. Immense walls of mirrors were surrounding everything, leading up to the clouds. Lili shuddered with a heartache.
„There is no sky," she sighed.
For a little moment, she thought she would fall down to the fields in a sudden momentary vertigo. She firmly sticked to the electricy pole and closed her eyes. The first thing to draw her attention after she looked up again was something written on the pylon. It said: „100 000V/Don't be scared, Lili."
„It must have been mummy," Lili whispered with a slight smile.
As she was climbing down, a light wind begun to rise and the Others were slowly swinging from side to side. The dust filled the air. Lili got back on the path and she walked without taking a single look at the reflection. The girl in the mirror knew it all...
A new presence surrounded Lili. A deep omnipresent sound, which felt like a very slow breath of a giant being. The power lines were slack and near the ground it seemed they shared the rhythm with the low breath monstrous breath, as they were slowly swinging in the wind. Lonely, needless and forgotten electricity pylons were watching it all. And at the and of the power lines, Lili recognized a litle glow in the distance. It was a box on one of the poles. There was a symbol of a lightning bolt and „HIGH VOLTAGE," written in big capital letters. Beautiful bright light was coming out of the box, shining through the cracks.
Lili came closer to the pole, so she could touch the box. She noticed another line of text which said „AT YOUR OWN RISK." Even though, the little girl, amazed by the beautiful light, opened the box. There was nothing but a single lightbulb, shining and flashing in the dusk.
„This must be the Sun," Lili breathed. Slowly, she put her hands on the lightbulb, hoping she could warm up. An then she noticed another line of text; little letters scrawled on the box.
„Don't be shy, Lili. Play with the other kids."
Lili smiled. „It must have been mummy!"
And Lili turned back, to look in the eyes of the beholder. The girl in the mirror looked directly into her eyes and she slowly raised her hand and pointed her finger at Lili. She stood motionless. Than she took a stone from the ground and with all her strength, she threw it on the mirror. She hit the other girl.
In this very moment, all the mirrors shattered. Shards of glass were raining from the sky and Lili was laughing.

„She said I am wrong," the little girl whispered. „She said I am evil." Lili came to one of the Others, covered in a cobweb.
„I only wanted to play," she said as she touched the cold white sticky mass. The girl made a slender hole in the web and a little stream of dark blood poured out of the scar.
„I only wanted to know, how they look inside."
Lili smiled, as she cracked the whole cobweb open.


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